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Top Nutritional Tips To Support Healthy Hair Growth

December 3, 2018


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1. Eat adequate amounts of protein.
Protein is composed of the amino acids essential for the building of new cells, including hair. Five amino acids are of particular relevance to hair growth – cystine, cysteine, methionine, arginine and lysine.
Inadequate protein intake over a lengthy period can force hair into the resting phase with shedding a few months later. It is obvious then that sufficient portions of protein rich foods should form part of your daily diet. The best sources of dietary protein are lean meats, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, soy, nuts, grains and seeds. At least 15% of your daily calories should come from protein-rich foods.
2. Eat adequate amounts of useful carbohydrates.
Carbs are an essential source of energy and help in the growth of body tissues, including hair. They are an important source of the B vitamins that are vital to healthy hair.
It is important that you concentrate on consuming non-refined carbs rather than the sugars and white flour that are so prevalent in many over-refined carb products. You should place an emphasis on consuming vegetables, fruits, whole grains, brown rice and potatoes. It is recommended that you obtain 55-60% of your daily calories from the carbohydrates found in these foods.
3. Achieve a healthy balance of dietary fats.
Fat is used in energy production and can be found in both animal and plant foods. Your body needs sufficient levels of fat to maintain good health. That fat should be obtained from a mixture of lean animal and plant sources. Roughly 25-30% of your daily calories should come from these sources.
4. The right nutritional balance is one that suits your personal circumstances.
How much of each food group you eat depends on a host of factors including age, sex, health and level of physical activity. When choosing meals and snacks, take account of the following key principles of sound nutrition:
– Eat a variety of foods.
– Apply moderation to your consumption of junk foods.
– Choose natural and lightly processed foods as often as possible.
– Do not over cook.
5. Support a nutritious diet with a few carefully chosen supplements.
Following a nutritious diet is essential for good hair health, but on its own this may not be sufficient for a number of reasons:
– Modern farming methods may deplete the nutrient quality of food.
– High stress levels may diminish nutrients in your body.
– Dieting may affect nutrient levels.
– Aging reduces the ability of our bodies to utilize certain nutrients.
– Exercise can deplete some nutrients.
It may be sufficient to supplement with a well-balanced multi-vitamin / mineral product but a number of products are available that specifically cater for the requirements of healthy hair.
You can learn more about these products by visiting the site listed below.

14 Foods To Keep Your Hair Healthy & Strong

December 3, 2018


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Hair loss kills a man or woman – not literally, but yes emotionally it does. So, what’s the solution for this heart-breaking, confidence-killing problem?

There’s hardly any treatment that can prevent hair loss, but there’s a solution that can bring back hair on your head. Hair transplant is a widely used cosmetic surgery procedure that can work wonders for your baldness problem.

However, it’s better to stay cautious and take steps before hair loss problem starts. Even though you can’t do much, but you can slow down the speed or time of the hair loss by taking necessary steps.

Let’s take a look at some food items that keep your hair healthy and can prove effective in keeping hair loss problem at bay.

1. Eggs

Hair is comprised of protein, so ensure you get enough amount of protein. Whether eaten cooked or boiled, eggs are known as an amazing source of protein.

2. Blueberries

These are excellent for good skin and shiny hair. Blueberries are rich in vitamin C and help in the collagen generation, which fortifies the veins providing blood to the hair shaft.

3. Red Meat

Iron is an important mineral for hair growth and health. A nutrient-rich blood supply feeds hair and roots. This makes a diet rich in red meat essential as red meat is one the best source of iron.

4. Carrots

Carrots are filled with essential nutrient vitamin A that generates sebum, which is an oily substance generated by sebaceous organs. This gives a natural conditioner for the roots.

5. Salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids are in abundance in Salmon. This allows the scalp and hair to stay hydrated. Omega-3 fatty acids aren’t produced by our bodies naturally, so it’s essential to eat food items like salmon that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acid.

6. Oysters

Zinc and selenium are known for their role in maintaining hair health and growth. Both of these minerals are found in abundance in Oysters. Hair loss and flaky scalp are two problems that can occur due to zinc deficiency.

7. Dry Fruits

You need to protect your hair from sun. Dry fruits, especially nuts (almonds) are excellent sources of vitamin E that provides protection to the hair from getting damaged. Dry fruits also have sulphur and biotin which help in hair growth.

8. Whole Grains

Whole grains have water-dissolvable vitamin B that prevents hair from becoming weak.

9. Water

To keep your hair sparkling bright, you must consume lots of water. Ensure that your hair stays hydrated and healthy.

10. Green Vegetables

Overall nourishment to hair is offered by consumption of green leafy vegetables. These are rich in iron, calcium, omega-3 acids, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B, C, and E.

11. Yogurt

Yogurt is rich in calcium, which fight against the hair fall problem. Eat a cup of yogurt daily to have a healthy scalp. After you get your hair transplant treatment, make sure you consume a good amount of yogurt every day.

12. Kiwi

Kiwis are full of antioxidants and vitamin C that helps to keep hair strong and healthy.

13. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are excellent sources of iron, zinc and biotin. They also provide a high amount of protein which is good or your scalp.

14. Tomatoes

Lycopene is an anti-ageing antioxidant which is found in abundance in tomatoes. This antioxidant is good for skin and it ensures that your hair stays hydrated and shiny.

Should I try the Shou wu wan (polygonum multiflorum) hair regrowth product?

December 3, 2018


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Shou wu wan (which is also sold under the HairVive trademark) is a commercially prepared product based on the ingredient known as He Shou Wu (which in Chinese translates to “Mr. He Hair Black”). Shou wu wan is an herbal remedy mainly used for hair regrowth purposes which was supposed to have been used by a man named Mr. He who benefitted greatly from using this herbal hair regrowth product. By using the Shou wu wan herbal product, Mr. He was reputed to have become youthful looking again (because as any balding man knows, hair loss can make one look much older than one actually is.)

Shou wu wan works by being absorbed into the kidneys and the liver – from there, these vital organs can then work to provide nourishment to specific parts of the body. The kidneys are said to use the Shou wu wan ingredients to provide nutrients to the bones, and bone marrow, replenish a decreasing semen count, stop graying of the hair on your head, and basically control aging of men. The liver, on the other hand, can employ the Shou wu wan ingredients to provide nourishment to your head area, particularly the hair itself. Other side benefits from using the Shou wu wan are to combat senility and extend the male lifespan.

However, one source does claim that the Shou wu wan has been linked to some cases of liver dysfunction so you need to be cautious as well about using the Shou wu wan product. These liver dysfunction cases are deemed rare instances when male consumers react to the Shou wu wan ingredients so you might want to place yourself under the care of a good doctor while under Shou wu wan treatment.

Hair loss is also known by the medical term alopecia. Sixty percent of those who used the Shou wu wan are said to have regained hair growth three months after they used the Shou wu wan product (based on clinical testing results.) Animal test subjects (specifically aging mice) displayed lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels, lesser degree of pathological changes in their brains, and advanced memory and learning patterns after being treated with the Shou wu wan product.

The efficacy of the main ingredient He Shou Wu is said to be greatly enhanced by the presence of 12 additional herbs in the same product formulation. The manufacturer opted to include these 12 herbs because He Shou Wu reportedly has less than optimal results when used on its own.

The HairVive trademarked formulation of Shou wu wan is said to contain an enhanced formulation of the conventional Shou wu wan product, is manufactured in the US by ActiveHerbs, and is said to be much more potent and stronger than other Shou wu wan formulations. Basically, the Shou wu wan comes in the form of pills that balding men have to consume every day. The number of pills you have to take depends on which brand of Shou wu wan you will be patronizing, but generally you will be asked to consume the full prescribed dosage for the initial three months of treatment – after which, you can then cut down on the dosage.